Food Series #1

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Sugar Club

Recently, a friend and I have stumbled upon a cute little store in Elmhurst, Queens called the Sugar Club. We looked up reviews for the store and saw that it had 3 1/2 stars out of 5. The pictures of the food looked delicious so we decided to have brunch there.

The set up of the store was a little confusing since it was a cafe/grocery store. One half of the store was set up with cute Ikea looking tables and stools and the other half had Thai snacks, desserts, and already-prepared take out food in the refrigeration section. There were two workers there who were very friendly and helped us with ordering food. 

The menu is located in front of the counter in the center of the store, is a small booklet with greatly detailed pictures of the food and drinks. We ordered a drink called the Wicked Mojito (and sadly there was no alcohol in the drink, but it was so pretty!), a small meal (that I had forgotten the name of), that had eggs and some meat, as well as the famous dessert Honey Town!

Wicked Mojito was a unique beverage. When the waitress served us our drink it was a pretty blue-purple hue, topped with mint  leaves. Once it was mixed it became a light pastel magenta color. It was a refreshing light citrus drink.

Wicked Mojito
Next, was the light meal (that I had forgotten the name of) which was a sunny side up egg, ground beef, pork and cilantro served on a cute miniature pan, with a side of crust-less toasted bread all on a wooden cutting board. The waiter had given us a little basket with some Asian spices, that we sprinkled onto the food. This had satisfied our hunger and is given a good thumbs up :)

Lastly, we had the difficulty of choosing a dessert out of all the delicious looking dishes called Honey Town. It consisted of cut up blocks of toast strategically placed like the Jenga Game (lol), topped with vanilla ice cream (originally it was green tea ice cream), red bean and a wafer drizzled in chocolate syrup with whip cream on the side. The fruit was thinly sliced and some were even decorated as flowers!

Honey Town
Honey Town
Overall, the food really was a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. It was good, but you really are paying for the art. I was impressed from the amount of effort that was put into the food and the fact that it is all freshly made (the food was also reasonably priced)! I would totally come back and recommend this place to others! Next time I'm definitely getting their banana desserts and oddly flavored (Thai) Lay's chips!

Thai Lays Chips from Sugar Club (Yelp)