Food Series #2 : Donut Plant NYC

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I love donuts. LOVE donuts. If I die, I want to die with a donut in my mouth. I was craving donuts so  my sister and I woke up early to get our donut fix. We went to (the very unique) Donut Plant in Long Island City, New York, Falchi Building.

When you enter there are donut symbols everywhere. From the door handle to the wallpaper to the seating arrangements. You can tell these people know what they are doing. The store is separated into three areas, a coffee station, donut area and a small (very small) seating area.
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Donut Plant
Coffee Station and paying counter
In the front of the counter, there is a glass window full of all the available donuts. When my sister and I went, there wasn't much of a selection left but still had some of the best sellers. She chose a glazed coconut cream filled square donut, a very large cinnamon bun, a cranberry relish donut and the seasonal special apple cinnamon donut. 
Paying area and glass window of donuts
 Window of available donuts
We ended up taking the box of donuts "to go" and ate somewhere inside the Falchi building.

(Top right corner - bottom left corner)
Cinnamon Bun, Coconut glazed cream filled,
Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry Relish
The first bite into the coconut donut was bomb. The donut was fluffy, moist and not too sweet. The inside had a light coconut cream that made the donut taste a million times better. We devoured it.
The second donut we ate the apple cinnamon. There were crumbs of cinnamon breading covered in glazed icing.This donut was also airy and fluffy but sadly had no filling inside. Although it had no cream it was still good.
The other two donuts were eaten by the rest of my family and I was told that the cinnamon bun was okay and the cranberry relish had tasted like strawberries. 
Overall, I would definitely come back and recommend to others. The prices are a bit high, but these are not your typical Dunkin-Donuts-type-of-donuts. They are unique and gourmet. When I come back, I know I will be trying Tres De Leche (cream-filled) :D



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Great post :)

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that looks so yummy!! :D

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I am in envy of you for eating all them donuts, they look so good.

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Voglio provarli!
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Great post dear...lovely pics..:-)

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This sounds so delicious! Donuts are amazing. Too bad I cut out gluten from my diet :( I love coconut and apples with cinnamon? mmmm
btdubs thanks for visiting my blog! I just followed you
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omg i've been dying to go there!