Fashion Week

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Fashion Week is sadly over. But, I had a blast. One of the best things about living in NYC is Fashion Week. There is just something in the air once Fashion Week rolls around. This year my cousin and I were able to meet a few bloggers/youtubers and even spot a few celebs.
Double Take!

Selfie with Claire

First stop was Union Square where Claire Marshall was having a meet and greet by Sephora. If you live in NYC you know trains are retarded on the weekends.  So, me and my cousin were definitely rushing to meet her. But, we made it in time and the wait to see Claire was not too long. In less than 30 min we got to hug and take pics with Claire. She's so pretty and sweet!

 After that we decided to head over to Lincoln Center. The center of Fashion Week!
The Mecca of Fashion

Once we reached there we were just in awe of all the fashion and the beauty of it all. I knew some of my favorite bloggers/youtbers were here so I was keeping an eye out for them. I was lucky enough to spot roxylimon! Shes's so gorgeous and again super sweet.

with roxylimon!

 After that cool encounter me and my cousin decided to stop by the Zappos Booth. There we were able to charge our phones and get our hair braided. I chose to get the crown braid. Second year in a row going there and getting the same exact style. They also touched up our lips.

The before

Getting my hair done

The final product. I loved it!

Obligatory Fashion Week Pose
 Later that night we bumped into Wendy! It was really by accident. Thank you to my cousin Dianna for spotting her. Thank you mystery man for taking our awesome pics! Again she was super sweet. I know how to wear a scarf 25 ways because of her!
With Wendy!
My last celeb sighting of the night is with Peyton List. OMG she is so tall but so very sweet to take a selfie with me.

Selfie with Peyton
Until next Fashion Week! My cousins blog about Fashion Week will be up soon!


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How fun! Sounds like a great day! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into fashion week! :)
xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins