Welcome to the E.L.F. Flagship Store

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Location : 

741 Broadway (see on Google Maps)
Intersection of Broadway & Astor Place
New York NY 10003
Phone: 212 466 4454

Prime location. Easily accessible by various trains. Easiest way to get here is to take the N or R to NYU-8st. Once you get out of the train it literally will take you less than a minute to find the store. ANother close stop is Astor Place which can be reached via the 6 train. It can also be reached by the A, B, C, D, E, F or M train at W 4th st Washington Square. You can easily take a leisurely stroll through the park before you hit up the store. 

Products :

 Every item is swatchable! From the foundatin to the lipstick to even the brushes. You can play and test all the products and see how you like it before you purchase it. Major Pro!!! You can spend hours just swatching the items and figuring out if it's something you really need. 

Products : 

They have a ton of products that you normally you can find online. They have everything you can think of from lipstick to blushes to eye shadows to nail polishes. I went on a Saturday and everything seemed to be fully stocked. The sales associate were very attentive when there would be something running low, they would restock ASAP! The only con though is that they don't sell the essentials brushes (the ones with the white handle). But, those can easily be found in Target.

Layout : 

The store is small. But, trust me you can spend hours in here! It's been done. Every section is organized from the eyes to face to lips to brushes. They even have chairs near the entrance for those poor souls that got dragged in their by their friends or girlfriends.


The sales associate were helpful and kept asking customers if they needed help. I also saw a couple of people get a mini makeover with the help of the sales associate. Even though traffic can be high, the lines were really short. I believe the staff has done a great job.

The most affordable makeup with good quality. They have items ranging from as low as a $1. A majority of their products are $3 or $6 and prices can be found right below the item. The mineral line and their bigger palettes are obviously are a bit more, but still worth it. With $25 you can walk out with a lot of items!

The flagship store is a must for any makeup junkie. The best thing about the store is being able to test out the things before making the final purchase. That is something you can't do at Target or online. Plus the price is unbeatable. 


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I live in New York and have yet to visit! I'll be there soon! Thanks for sharing! Xo

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